House Clearance - A household can produce all kinds of waste. And after a few years there are larger items that might need to be dispose of such as home appliances and furniture. Whatever youve got at your home, we can easily get rid of it for you.

Garden Clearance - In case you cleared your garden of overgrown areas and now you have several heavy bags of cut grass, leaves, twigs, and even branches, then we can help you out. We collect and dispose of green waste as well so all you need to do is to contact us.

Office Clearance - If you are changing your office furniture, then we can collect and dispose of your old desks, spinning chairs, shelves, cabinets, and whatever else is there. We also collect a wide range of consumer electronics and useless items.

Building Waste Clearance - The builders are done with their job but now there are piles of building materials at your property? No worries, well be happy to come and pick up the leftovers no matter how heavy they are, leave the job to your trusty waste clearance company.
Rubbish Removal - Whatever rubbish you have at your property, no matter how miscellaneous, we will be only too happy to help you get rid of it. You can fully trust us for a responsible same day or next day waste disposal.

Furniture Disposal - Time to get rid of the old furniture? Rest assured weve got the right vehicles to fit all the furnishings you dont need right in.


We cost waste removal based on the amount of cubic yards of rubbish you have for us to collect 
 Single item Labour: 5 Min  £50

Cubic yards: 1
Max weight: 50kg
Equivalent to: 5 bags

How much will it cost?

So what’s a cubic yard?​​
1 Cubic Yard (1.3CM) Roughly the size of 2 refrigerators £90 (inc. VAT)
2 Cubic Yards (2.6CM) The equivalent of a mini skip £120 (inc. VAT)
3 Cubic Yards (3.9CM) £130 (inc. VAT)
4 Cubic Yards (5.2CM) The equivalent of a midi skip £150 (inc. VAT)
5 Cubic Yards (6.5CM) £175 (inc. VAT)
6 Cubic Yards (7.8CM) The equivalent of a builder's skip £228 (inc. VAT)
7 Cubic Yards (9.1CM) £240 (inc. VAT)
8 Cubic Yards (10.4CM) The equivalent of Large builders skip £252 (inc. VAT)
9 Cubic Yards (11.7CM) £264 (inc. VAT)
10 Cubic Yards (13CM) £276 (inc. VAT)
11 Cubic Yards (14.3CM) £288 (inc. VAT)
12 Cubic Yards (15.6CM) The equivalent of x2 Builder's Skips £300 (inc. VAT)
13 Cubic Yards (16.9CM) £312 (inc. VAT)
14 Cubic Yards (18.2CM) £324 (inc. VAT)

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